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Taiwan Banking - Country Code +886
Chinatrust Commercial Bank 

1F., No.3, Songshou Rd., Sinyi District,
Taipei City 110, 
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: +886 02-27695000

1. Date of Establishment: March 14, 1966

2. History:
The predecessor of Chinatrust Commercial Bank (CTCB) was China Securities Investment Corp., which was founded in 1966. Two key events stand out in its 43-year history: reorganization as an investment trust company in 1971 and transformation into a commercial bank in 1992. This evolution coincides with the budding, growth, and metamorphosis of Taiwan・s financial market, which in turn is a mirror of how the local economy has evolved.

With a mission to build a truly international, diversified entity capable of providing a complete range of financial services, Chinatrust Financial Holding Co., Ltd (CFHC) was initiated on May 17, 2002. Through a share swap, CTCB was made a wholly owned unit of the financial holding company.

To maximize economies of scale, CTCB merged with Grand Commercial Bank in December 2003 and acquired Fengshan Credit Cooperative in July 2004. These were followed by its successful bid in May 2007 for Enterprise Bank of Hualien. On April 2008, CTCB merged with Chinatrust Bills Finance Corp. As of the end of 2008, CTCB had 145 domestic outlets and a total of 4,406 ATMs installed across the country. With an outstanding base of NT$1.24 trillion in deposits, it had assets of NT$1.69 trillion, surpassing all other private banks in Taiwan.
3. Business Overview
CTCB is engaged in the following businesses: deposits, loans, guarantees, foreign exchange, OBU, trust, credit cards, cash cards, equities, bonds, proprietary dealing in futures, derivatives, factoring, safe deposit boxes, electronic banking, and the Public Welfare Lottery. In terms of wealth management, CTCB has opted to serve clients with professional counseling that centers on its financial advisory system, doing away with the conventional approach of promoting in-house products. In 2008, the bank launched upgraded wealth management services for clients with assets in excess of NT$1 million and NT$3 million, while those :Super VIPs; who have assets of more than NT$15 million are accorded a corresponding class of premier services under the program. It is a new milestone for the local wealth management market, as these Super VIPs are given access to meticulously prepared, impartial market reports compiled by Standard & Poor・s as well as consolidated management services for the wealth of the entire household.

When it comes to corporate banking, CTCB has made it a point to grow the e-commerce market. Special emphasis is placed on developing and perfecting an online banking platform fully protected by a well-rounded security mechanism. In 2007, the bank joined forces with Yahoo! Taiwan to install the :Yahoo! pay easy; payment platform. A brand-new model of online trading has been made available for buyers and sellers to exchange goods and cash more safely, in turn giving Taiwan・s e-commerce market an extra push.

In addition, CTCB began offering personalized online banking services in 2001. Given its innovation, safety and convenience, the program has been well received among its clients. Thus, it is no wonder that the universally acclaimed international periodical Global Finance has awarded CTCB the honor of :Best Internet Bank in Taiwan; for five consecutive years, and that it is now Taiwan・s largest Internet bank that has the largest number of clients.

4. Honors/Awards
CTCB・s proven track record in product development, business performance, and earnings capacity has not gone unnoticed. It has won extensive recognition among domestic and foreign rating agencies and well-respected financial publications. The number of honors and awards granted to CTCB is unparalleled by any other local peer. The following is a list of major prizes won in 2008:
Honors - Domestic
(1) Top 1 in Consumers・ Ideal Brand Survey (Credit Card / Financial Holding) V Management Magazine
(2) Trusted Brand 2008: Gold Winner in Banking Industry & Credit Card Issuing Bank V Reader・s Digest
(3) Golden Award for 9th Arts & Business Awards V Council for cultural Affairs, Executive Yuan
(4) Best Bank in Service Award 2008 V Next Magazine
(5) Taiwan Banking and Finance Best Practice Awards ;The award for Best Electronic Banking V Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
(6)Best Bank Awards for Preferred Brands of Businesspeople V Business Today

Honors V Overseas
(1) Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Taiwan, Best Trade Finance Bank in Taiwan, Best Emerging Market Bank in Taiwan, Best Investment Bank in Taiwan, Best Corporate / Institutional Internet Bank in Taiwan, Best Consumer Internet Bank in Taiwan - Global Finance
(2) Best Private Bank in Taiwan, Best Bank in Taiwan - Euromoney
(3) Best Bank in Taiwan, Best Foreign Exchange Bank in Taiwan, Best Cash Management Bank in Taiwan, Best Private Bank in Taiwan - FinanceAsia
(4) Best Cash Management Bank in Taiwan, Best Local Currency Structured Product in Taiwan, Best Domestic Bank in Taiwan, Best Domestic Investment Bank in Taiwan, Best Debt House Taiwan - The Asset 
(5) House of the Year V AsiaRisk
(6) Best Domestic Bank in Taiwan, Best Local Cash Management Bank in Taiwan (Small, Medium and Large sized Corporates) - Asiamoney
(7) Deals of the Year 2008 in Taiwan, 2008 Online Banking Security Project of Year, Bank of the Year 2008 in Taiwan - The Banker
(8) The Asian Banker IT Implementation Awards{Best CRM/Applications Project Award, Best Retail Bank in Taiwan - The Asian Banker
(9) Best Local Trade Bank in Taiwan - Trade Finance Magazine

5. Going Global
As banks increasingly have to do business in a deregulated global market, CTCB has relentlessly endeavored to expand both at home and abroad. As of the end of 2008, CTCB had 145 domestic and 75 overseas outlets (branches, subsidiaries and their branches, and representative offices). As the Taiwanese bank with the most extensive international network, CTCB has branches in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tokyo, New Delhi, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore and New York. In addition to Chinatrust Bank (USA), acquired in 2001, the bank also has subsidiaries in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Canada, and runs representative offices in Los Angeles, London, Manila, Bangkok, Hanoi, and Beijing.

Looking ahead, CTCB is poised to pursue an even broader overseas presence through undertaking mergers and acquisitions, as well as forming joint ventures. Pending a policy shift of the government, it is also ready to make inroads into the mainland China market. This will add to CTCB・s existing outposts across Southeast Asia, America, and Europe and make a truly comprehensive international network. CTCB will be a truly international bank capable of offering customers a full package of globalized financial services.

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